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Millions of people suffer from hemorrhoids everyday and there are many treatment products that are often recommended by healthcare providers. Many of these contain harsh chemicals and other ingredients that don’t really do what they claim.

We decided to write this article to talk about all-natural alternative home treatments for hemorrhoids.

So What are The Best Home Treatment for External Hemorrhoids?

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Here are the 10 best home hemorrhoid treatment alternatives:

1. Ice

Ice can be used very effectively as it will help to cause the swollen blood vessels to constrict. At the same time it will help to reduce the pain. Applied directly to hemorrhoid for 10 minutes will provide significant relief.

  • Apply ice pack wrapped in a cloth
  • Wrap a bag frozen vegetables wrapped in a towel

2. Aloe vera

The all-natural soothing properties of aloe vera makes a real good home treatment for hemorrhoids. It works as an anti-inflammatory and reduces the irritation associated with hemorrhoids. The gel from inside the aloe vera plant can be applied directly to hemorrhoid and by working it in will help to reduce the swelling and soothe the skin around the area.

3. Lemon juice

The juice of the lemon fruit contains several compounds that will help boost the health of the capillaries and blood vessels of the anus. This will help to lessen the severity of the hemorrhoid.

  • Dip a cotton ball or swab in the juice of half a lemon and apply it directly to the hemorrhoid.
  • Add the juice of half a lemon to a cup of hot milk and drink it. Repeat this every three hours or so until hemorrhoid is gone.
  • Combine honey, ginger juice, lemon juice, mint juice and drink this one a day.

4. Almond oil

Almond oil possesses the properties that when applied directly to hemorrhoids and the anus will soothe and alleviate the inflammation, itching and irritation. Soak a cotton ball or swab in almond oil and place it directly on the hemorrhoid. Repeat this several times a day.

5. Olive oil

Olive oil is loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It will help with blood vessels to shrink the swelling of the hemorrhoid. The following methods are the best ways to use olive oil.

  • Drink one teaspoon of olive oil each day
  • Mix olive oil with juice of crushed plum leave and apply directly to hemorrhoid

6. Whole grains

Whole grains are extremely high in fiber and they are very helpful in preventing constipation. This will help the colon function properly and cut down on straining and bleeding. Some examples of the best forms of whole would be oats, maize, barley and brown rice.

7. Witch hazel

Witch Hazel is an all natural astringent and it has healing properties that will soothe the itching, reduce the swelling and minimize the pain.

  • Soak cotton ball or cotton swab in Witch Hazel and apply directly to the hemorrhoid. Repeat at least three times a day.
  • You can purchase pre-moistened wipes and alternate with the cotton balls.

8. Apple cider vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar acts like an astringent which helps to lessen swollen and inflamed blood vessels in anal canal. For best results only use pasteurized and unfiltered apple cider vinegar. To get the best results on external hemorrhoids, apply directly with cotton ball soaked in apple cider vinegar.

9. Black tea bags

Black tea contains a natural astringent called tannic acid and it helps to reduce the swelling as well as the pain of hemorrhoids. Place a tea bag that has been dipped in hot water (cooled slightly) directly onto the hemorrhoid, two or three times a day.

10. Water

Drinking plenty of water (eight to ten glasses a day) helps to keep your bowel movements regular. By reducing the straining it will help to minimize the discomfort of hemorrhoids.

Hopefully this article has been helpful and offers you plenty of options when it comes to home treatment of external hemorrhoids.

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 Posted on : August 4, 2015

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